Founder's Note

Megan Gage


Baby ShampooThe hairdo that started it all.


Like many births, Hot Tot was a true labor of love. Motherhood marked the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in my life. I sought the best of everything for my precious baby but struggled to find a hair product that was safe for use on an infant. I began diluting pomade with baby lotion, as adorable outfits seemed incomplete without a classic curl. After many months of encouragement from moms who shared a fondness for my son’s hairdo, I assembled a team and set out to develop a hair product for babies.

Just as parents identify the qualities they hope to instill in their children, each element of my company was selected with intention. A social worker at heart (and professionally for many years), I wanted to build a brand that embodied inner and outer beauty alike. Our environmental impact is equally important as our chic packaging. We are socially conscious and committed to improving the lives of many children; we strive to reach farther than those fortunate enough to use our products. Like any good parent, we aspire to lead by example.

Hot Tot has grown up since our launch in 2011. What began as an idea for a single hair product has expanded into a complete children’s haircare line. New formulas have been developed as my son has grown. And… we have sought out to solve the needs of other moms we have met along the way. Thank you for being a part of my journey. These products are for my child and yours.


Megan Gage, Founder