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Are your products organic?

We use a large percentage of certified organic ingredients and our products are made in an NOP (Natural Organic Program) and NSF / ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified organic facility. However, we do not claim to be “organic”. Most people would be surprised to learn that the FDA has not set standards for certifying personal care products. Furthermore, they do not have regulations for the terms “natural” or “organic” when it comes to cosmetics. A food standard (published by the United States Department of Agriculture) exists though no reciprocity exists between the two. While some haircare lines use the USDA NOP seal, they are not actually adhering to NOP guidelines because their ingredients are not food grade.

Are your products safe for use on an infant? Can adults use them?

Our products have been tested extensively to ensure safety and efficiency. While some are recommended for children aged 2-10, this suggestion is strictly based on the generalization that parents of infants prefer formulas that are lighter. We have several items in our line that were created specifically for infants because of their light and gentle nature. However, our products can be used on anyone of any age but may not perform as intended on users outside of our suggested age brackets.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products were formulated by one of the industry’s leading cosmetic formulators and are made with love in the USA!

Does your company test on animals?

Never! We love our furry friends and don’t engage in any form of animal testing! Furthermore, we don’t do business with anyone who does! Hot Tot is proudly certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny.

Can you share a bit more information about your fragrance?

The term “fragrance” is often used to disguise unwanted toxins in mainstream products though this is not the case with us. Our signature scent was inspired by the Cabbage Patch Doll and is certified phthalate free. We believe in full disclosure and list fragrance components per European labeling requirements (far stricter than those in the U.S.) on our American products to ensure that our users are confident in the safety of our formulas. Furthermore, our site includes a complete ingredient glossary to eliminate any guess work parents may have!

Are your bottles BPA free?

Yes! While the FDA has evaluated hundreds of studies and concluded that BPA is safe at very low levels, we would rather be safe than sorry. No BPA here!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! We use PET plastic which is highly sustainable and the most recycled plastic in the U.S. Our formulas are fully biodegradable too!

What are your shipping charges?

We offer flat rate shipping via USPS ($5.95) or FedEx ($9.00).

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday at 9am each morning. Please contact us directly if you need something expedited, as we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

We are happy to accommodate orders in Canada. Our global customers can contact us directly, as we are rapidly developing new relationships with distributors throughout the world!

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns at this time. All sales on hottot.com are final.