Our Story

Hot Tot Founder

Hot Tot began like so many births, a love story. I have always had a love of all things fabulous, and motherhood provided an opportunity to share such fun with my kids. I styled both my daughter and son’s hair from the day they were born but became concerned about the products I was using after reading an article on the effects of chemicals in personal care products on children. I explored the limited options on the market and was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t a line of specialized products available that omitted harmful chemicals and smelled suitable for babies and children. I was not interested in having my son smell like some sort of tropical fruit, but rather I wanted to maintain that magical baby scent that only exists in the early years of life.  A forever fan of the Cabbage Patch Doll, I used that special scent as the inspiration behind Hot Tot’s signature scent.

With the encouragement and support of my husband, I began working with a cosmetic formulator. Together we set out to create the kind of natural, luxurious and professional products I’d been seeking. After many ongoing months of research and development, we finally arrived at the fabulous products I’d been dreaming of.

A social worker at heart (and professionally for many years), I wanted to incorporate my belief in social responsibility into the structure and practices of Hot Tot. While creating safe and natural products for tots was key, I also wanted to impact the lives of children in need. I believe that inner beauty is more important than outward appearance. We are committed to donating a sizeable portion of our proceeds to several very deserving charities so our success as a company reaches farther than those fortunate enough to use our products. After all, the best way to teach our own children is to lead by example.

I’m always thrilled and surprised by the number of smiles my son’s stylish locks evoke. Many people, from very young children to elderly citizens, stop us to share a smile and a story about how they relate to his timeless baby curl. I hope you enjoy our line of safe, specialized and natural products and use them to help your child style from the start.


Megan Gage, Founder